Caregiver/Domestic Worker

Kapwa Ko – Worker Support Group

About Us

Kapwa Ko is a Filipino worker support group within FAJ’s worker organizing program. It aims to empower low-wage workers, with a primary focus on caregivers and domestic workers, to advocate for themselves and, with the help of different group advocates, reform the industry by improving working conditions for all caregivers and domestic workers.

Kapwa Ko meetings provide space for Filipino caregivers and other low-wage workers to receive trainings and information about their rights as working immigrants, build community with each other, and access mental health and wellness support. 

Want to join FAJ’s Kapwa Ko? Do you have questions about your rights as a caregiver? Or your salary?

Filipino Advocates for Justice provides information about workers’ rights and the recent protections provided for through SB1015- Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in 2016 that makes overtime pay a law.

If you have questions about your rights or if you need help in calculating your wages under the new Bill of Rights, please fill out our contact form and someone from the Worker Outreach Team will get back to you!

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