Immigration & Naturalization

Do you want to become a US Citizen but feel hesitant and confused? We are here to help!

FAJ provides FREE naturalization assistance. This includes completion of the 20-page application for citizenship and referral of complicated cases to non-profit immigration attorneys. 

Over the years FAJ has been an advocate for immigrant and civil rights for the Filipino community. Offering free naturalization services is one way we help and protect our community.

Newcomer Empowerment

Naturalization Assistance

Which provides assessment of eligibility for naturalization, assistance with filling out and filing of N-400, assistance with interview preparation, following through a successful process and assistance with voter registration.

Family Reunification Assistance

With information on eligibility for family based petitions, filling out and filing of I-130, assistance with Affidavit of Support, Immigrant visa Application and information on consular interview and physical examination.

Access to Public Benefits

Provides information on how to navigate public benefits system. General Information and Referral: provides information on issues that usually confront an immigrant community and referral to accessible, low cost public and private service providers.

More Information & Referral

Have questions or would like more information?

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